March 27, 2021

To my Beit Chaverim Family:

The traditional Seder marks the beginning of Passover, it typically involves extended family gathered around the ritual feast. This tradition dates back more than three thousand years, since the time the Jewish people were redeemed from Egypt. 

This year, millions of Passover observances will be held virtually as the Coronavirus has limited how people can gather to mark the exodus of the Jews from Egyption Slavery. It will be a challenge to experience a Seder filled with rituals, symbolic foods, nostalgic smells, questions, answers, stories, songs and more, through Zoom. Restrictions don’t diminish this ancient observance, it follows the Jewish teaching that each and every person must retell the biblical story of their ancestors from slavery in Egypt to freedom as if they too lived through this. It is a powerful story and it remains relevant to this day. 

On this Passover as we endure the fear and grief brought on by the global pandemic, we can relate more to the entire story of our biblical ancestors; not just the joy of freedom, but the agony of oppression and being at the mercy of forces beyond our control. 

As we celebrate our second Seder with social distancing our hope and faith brings us towards a light of freedom from the Coronavirus, the eleventh plague. Thank G-d We don’t have to endure 430 years as  our ancestors did for this freedom.

Let us give thanks, give generously of ourselves, continue the power of human decency and responsibility and continue the tradition of the retelling (Haggadah) of the Exodus to freedom.

May you have a Sweet and Happy Passover with all the sounds, foods, smells, songs and traditions.


Penny Lindenbaum,